Direct Food Contact Grease - DFC 1 GEL - NIGL 3

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DFC is a food grade grease formulated for direct food contact. DFC 1 meet the requirements of the UK Food Safety Act 1990 and may be used in direct contact with food in amounts not in excess of that reasonably required to produce the desired effect.

The base fluids from which the DFC 1 Gel are manufactured are not vegetable oils but are produced from materials derived from vegetable sources. To produce the gels they are compounded with additives which are generally recognised as being safe.

• DFC 1 Gel is highly thixotropic; on standing it resembles NLGI grade 3 but it thins down to a No 1 consistency in use.

Physical Data

Appearance Homogeneous white gel
NLGI Grade No 3
Penetration (worked) 220 - 250

Working Stability
(change in penetration after 100,00 double strokes )

Dropping Point °C 200
Copper Corrosioon Pass


Supporting Documents

DFC 1 Gel Data Sheet