Compressed Airline Lubricant - BG 6 Oil - Food Grade NSF H1

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BG 6 oil has been formulated for use in airline systems to protect pipework from internal corrosion, to act as a de-icer and to prevent shuttle and valve seizure in pipes and machinery.

BG 6 oil is a food grade NFS H1 approved compressed airline lubricant formulated to solve the most common problems when using airline lubricants. Most problems with airline systems are caused by water vapour or condensation. The water emulsifies the oil, producing sludge which causes sticking and blockages. However, BG 6 Fluid is compounded from totally hydrophobic synthetics which reject water. BG 6 Fluid will coat the metal surfaces and prevent moisture from adhering and ice crystals from forming. 


The most effective method of introducing BG 6 Fluid into the airline is by means of an atomising dispenser using a Venturi system; the atomised oil will then condense out through the system and form a protective film over all surfaces. This method allows the engineer to raise or lower the amount of oil being drawn into the air stream to suit his airline systems requirements. Because each airline system differs due to age, size, humidity and ambient temperature, absolute dosage rates cannot be specified. However, the greater the moisture content, the heavier the oil dosage required.

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Water white to pale straw coloured fluid

Density @ 20°C

0.82 - 0.83 kg/litre

Viscosity @ 40°C (typ.)

31 cSt

Pour Point (max.)


Flash Point (min.)


Fire Point (min.)



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