Tablet Press Cleaner with Lubricating, Anti-Bacterial Barrier - PURGER 3 - Food Grade NSF H1

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Slipstream Purgers 3 is specifically formulated as a food grade NSF H1 solvent cleaner that leaves behind a lubricating protective barrier of 40 microns after use. This is designed for food and pharmaceutical production equipment in general however it have been used to great success on tablet press machines / pill press machines.

The lubricating barrier is non toxic and anti bacterial and is designed to protect the machines from rust, bacteria and is designed to work as a release agent for them the machine shutdown and then restarted.

As a cleaning product it is designed to remove product residues and build up left behind from the manufacturing process. 


  • Purger 3 have very low odour.
  • Low surface tension.
  • Controlled evaporation rate.
  • No metal corrosion. 
  • Not a human skin sensitiser.


Appearance Clear transparent fluid, almost water-white
Viscosity 4.0 cSt 
Flash Point (IP34) 56°C (min)
Density @ 15°C 0.78 kg/litre 
Freezing Point Below -45°C
Electircal Non-conductive


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