Up to +230°C Bearing Grease - Extreme Temperature & Condition - 6476 Gel - NIGL 2

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Slipstream 6476 is synthetic grease specifically designed for either high speed or high load bearings working in conditions or extreme temperature and humidity with operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +230°C.

6476 is a non-toxic grease that is formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons; it contains no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons and is free from substances listed as hazardous to health in the latest COSHH Regulations and meet the requirements of NSF H2.

Features & Benefits

This is recommended for industries such as the food, paper and textile industries but can be used in almost any industry. 6476 works well in the very wet conditions suffered by bearings in felt rollers, pulpers, put pumps and corrugators. Additives provide wear protection at high loads and slow speeds, plus protection against corrosion, the major cause of bearing failure in the paper industry. Exceptional results have been achieved in textile processes such as bleaching and printing, where heat and moisture levels are very high.


Physical Data

Appearance Yellow Coloured Gel
NIGL Grade 2
Penetration, worked 265-295
Working Stability (100,000 double strokes) -40°C to +230°C 
Dropping Point above 285°C
Weld Load (4 Ball) KG 250
Water Washout % w/w, max. 3


Supporting Documents

Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet