Up to +300°C Bearing Greases - Extreme Temperature & Condition - BS 2 Gel & BS 3 Gel - NIGL 1 / 2

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BS 2 & BS 3 are industrial lubricants designed for use in hot environments. Originally developed for one of the UK's leading brick manufactures for use on trolley wheels for kilns.

This range of products had operating temperatures from -45°C to +300°C. BS 2 & 3 are formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons; it contains no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons and is free from substances listed as hazardous to health in the latest COSHH Regulations. However, these products are not suitable for the food or pharmaceutical industries, they must strictly be used in heavy industries.


Engineers using these products have found many new applications due to the wide working temperature range and their ability to cling to metal surfaces and its protective nature in the most severe environments. The BS range performs well in open gears and bearings subject to extreme pressure. Where its ability to maintain film strength helps it outlast petroleum based lubricants.



Homogeneous black gel

Homogeneous black gel

NLGI Grade

No 1

No 2




Insoluble in water

Flash Point

Above 220°C (base oil)

Melting Point

Does not melt


0.85 - 0.95 kg/l

Vapour Pressure

Negligible under normal atmospheric conditions


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