Cleaner That Inhibits & Dissolves Sugar Build Up - CAL 2 PC

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CAL 2 PC has been formulated to dissolve sugar residues that build up on equipment in operational areas. The confectionery industry is prone to this residual contamination in most production areas. The benefits of using CAL 2 PC are that it has the ability to lubricate moving parts, so provides a protective film that inhibits further sugar build-up.

CAL 2 PC is an emulsion incorporating synthetic fluids. It contains no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons, and is free of substances listed as hazardous to health in the latest COSHH Regulations. CAL 2 PC is water miscible. The normal working temperature range is from -5°C to +50°C. It can work below this temperature range, but must not be allowed to freeze; it is not compatible with acids, alkalis and electrolytes, as these will cause demulsification.


CAL 2 PC works successfully on chains where pins and bushes can be severely affected by the abrasive sugar particles which build-up, causing wear and ultimately chains and equipment to malfunction.




Milky white fluid in water emulsion

Oil Content



Miscible in water


Acids, alkalis and electrolytes will cause demulsification

Temperature Range

-5°C to +50°C


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