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The CGL Fluids are a range of fully synthetic gear fluids enhanced by the addition of a slip membrane that forms a barrier coating on all types of moving parts i.e. gear sets, bearings, chains etc. They are available in ISO viscosity grades ranging from 32 up to 1000.

CGL Fluids are formulated for incidental food contact only and contact with food should be avoided wherever possible. Used in this way, it meets the requirements of The Food Safety Act 1990. They are formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons; they contain no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons, nut oils or animal fats, and are free from substances listed as hazardous to health in the latest COSHH Regulations.


• Electrical power savings of between 5% and 10% have been recorded, depending on the age, type and condition of the equipment. Mechanical asset life is extended by 20% up to 30%.

• The range has a high viscosity index so that while they are fluid at low temperatures, they provide full-bodied protection when working at elevated temperatures.

• Contains no viscosity improvers, thus stay-in-grade performance is assured and oil change
intervals are extended from 18 months to 7 years.

• A totally free from the polycyclic aromatic components sometimes present in mineral oils, which can cause dermatitis and skin cancer. Their use will help minimise health hazards to employees and aid compliance with the latest COSHH Regulations.

Physical Data

 Appearance Milky white fluid
ISO Classification ISO Grades 32 up to 1000
Viscosity Index (min) 135
Flash Point (COC) °C above 200
Pour Point°C  below -45
Copper Corrosion (IP154) 3 hrs @ +150°C  1b


Supporting Documents

Data Sheet 1 
Data Sheet 2
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