HT 5 GEL - Tablet Press Lubricant For Upper Punch Heads

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Slipstream HT 5 Gel was specifically formulated for incidental food contact and to be used to lubricate upper punch heads on tablet making machines. HT 5 Gel is a high viscosity, sticky semi-fluid with the ability to stay where applied.

HT 5 Gel coats the metal surfaces with a tenacious film of lubricant which reduces metal to metal contact, effectively reducing friction and extending the working life of components.

Physical Data

Appearance Smooth homogeneous white gel
NLGI Grade No 0
Penetration (worked) 355 - 385
Working stability
(Change in penetration after 100,000 double strokes)
Dropping point Does not melt
Corrosive substances Copper = Pass
Steel = Pass
Electrical conductivity Non-conductive
Temperature range -20°C to +270°C


Supporting Documents

Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet