Food Grade Penetrating Brush On & Spray On Grease - IFC LIQUID GEL

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Slipstream IFC Liquid Gel is a penetrating fluidised grease intended for brush-on or spray application. It is resistant to water and chemical attack and will not throw off or melt. IFC Liquid Gel is formulated from FDA approved ingredients and has USDA H1 food grade approval.

IFC leaves it container as a liquid and is designed to penetrate gears, chains or intricate machinery however after application, IFC changed consistency and becomes a NIGL grade 1 grease.


Drive and conveyor chains (nylon, steel or ABS); the fluid penetrates into the chain and lubricates cogs, sprockets, guides, runners and channels, reducing wear, drag and corrosion. Metal protection; a coating of IFC will protect finished metal parts from corrosion in storage.


 AS FLUID ( Before evaporation of solvent )
Appearance Milky white fluid
Flash Point (PMCC) °C Above 56°C


AS GREASE ( After evaporation of solvent )
Appearance Soft, white gel
NLGI Grade No 1
Penetration (worked) 310 to 340
Dropping Point °C Above 230
Corrosive substances
Copper = Pass
Steel = Pass
Aluminium = Pass
Temperature Range °C -55 to +200

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