Food Grade Worm Drive Gearbox Lubrication - No 6 Fluidised Gel - NIGL 0

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Slipstream No 6 Gel is specifically designed for use in worm-drive gearboxes.

No 6 Gel is formulated from FDA approved ingredients and has USDA H1 food grade approval for lubricants with incidental food contact.

Gearboxes may be filled with No 6 Gel by grease gun or by pressurised bucket dispenser; a flexible hose fitted to the gun or dispenser head makes the job easier. Flush out the old oil before adding the gel; any oil residue will not present a major problem, as the gel is compatible with petroleum based oils and greases.

A conversion table to work out the quantity of gel required is set out below.

  • 1 litre of oil is equal to 900 grams of No 6 Gel
  • 1 imperial pint of oil is equal to 500 grams of No 6 Gel



Smooth, white gel

NLGI Classification


Penetration, worked (IP50)


Working stability


(change in penetration after


100,000 double strokes) (IP50)


Dropping point (IP132)


Oil separation (max.) (IP121)


Water washout % max (IP215)


Temperature range

-75°C. to +200°C.


Supporting Documents

Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet