Food Grade Extreme Pressure & Condition Grease - NO 9 GEL - NLGI 2

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Slipstream No 9 Gel was designed as an extreme pressure lubricant for use in severe environmental conditions.

No 9 Gel is formulated from FDA approved ingredients, and has USDA H1 food grade approval for lubricants with incidental food contact.

No 9 Gel is highly resistant to acid and does not emulsify in contact with water. It is so water repellent that it withstands driving rain without washing out of bearings. In use, it clings to metal surfaces so well that it resists gravitational run-off and centrifugal spin-off. Its ability to protect machinery is enhanced by the addition of rust and corrosion inhibitors and by its temperature stability. It works at temperatures from -55°C to +200°C without degradation, and can work for short periods at up to +230°C.

This combination of features makes No 9 Gel ideal for use on open gears and rollers, chains, tracks and heavy duty plain bearings in the pharmaceutical industry, where its use will reduce wear, extend service intervals, and cut down-time.

No 9 Gel's non-toxic qualities make it of interest to Health & Safety Officers, and can contribute significantly to efficiency and profits by taking care of the workforce as well as the machines.



: Homogeneous white gel

NLGI Classification

: No.2

Penetration, worked (IP50)

: 265-295

Working stability


(change in penetration after


100,000 double strokes) (IP50)

: ±20

Dropping point (IP132)

: 230°C

Oil separation (max.) (IP121)

: 5%

Water washout % max (IP215)

: 3

Working temperature °C.

: -55 to +200 (Short periods up to230°C)

Supporting Documents

Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet