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Slipstream Purger 1 is formulated from FDA approved ingredients and has USDA H1 approval for lubricants with incidental food contact. It is formulated for incidental food contact only and contact with food should be avoided wherever possible. Used in this way, it meets the requirements of The Food Safety Act 1990. It is formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons; it contains no petroleum mineral hydrocarbons and is free from substances listed as hazardous to health in the latest COSHH Regulations. 

Purger 1 has been designed for use in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries where CFC’s were used as cleaning agents, and also to replace solvents that have high vapour and odour release when used. This product has very low odour and will effectively remove greases, oils, powder residues and coatings that have accumulated on the equipment while in use, and it will leave no residual coating.

APPLICATIONS Tablet presses, mixing vessels, mills, chains, electrical plant, metal and plastic surfaces plus general engineering cleaning. Also suitable for sonic dip baths.

Physical Data

Danger Symbol Not applicable
Appearance Transparent, almost water-white fluid
Viscosity @ 25°C 1.5 cSt
Flash Point (IP34) <56°C
Density @ 15°C 0.772 kg/litre.
Freezing Point <-45°C
Electrial Non-conductive
Odour level Very low
Surface tension Low


Supporting Documents

Data Sheet 
MSDS Sheet