Think & Sticky Food Grade Grease With Real Staying Power - TW 1 - NILG 1

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Slipstream TW 1 is a tacky white grease that is formulated for incidental food contact. It is a general purpose grease and in use, it clings tenaciously to metal surfaces, withstanding extreme pressure and metal-to-metal contact. Heavy industrial lubricant users have found that this gel's ability to cling to metal surfaces, even in such difficult applications as high-speed open gears, coupled with its good extreme wear properties, can greatly extend the life of heavily loaded machinery.

TW 1 is free from the polycyclic aromatic components present in many petroleum-based lubricants; it is not liable to cause skin problems such as dermatitis, folliculitis or skin cancer.


This grease is suitable for use on high-speed open gears, linear bearings and sliding rails that are sterilised or washed regularly. It is also useful in drying kilns and areas where high temperatures would break down conventional lubricants.


Appearance Tacky white gel
NLGI Grade No 1
Penetration (worked)
Working stability ( Change in penetration after 100,00 double strokes ) ±20
Dropping Point °C Does not melt
Corrosive substances Copper = Pass
Steel = Pass
Electrical conductivity Non-conductive
Working temperature °C -10 to +200


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