Food Grade, High Temperature Chain Lubricant - ULTRA SLIP

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Ultra Slip was specially designed to solve wear problems in metal chains working at extremely high temperatures. Ultra Slip can penetrate between hinged bearing surfaces, working at loadings of 3 tons per square inch, without pressurising. It can be used in the most adverse working conditions. Ultra Slip is formulated from FDA approved ingredients and has USDA H1 food grade approval for lubricants with incidental food contact.

Ultra Slip replaces toxic solid molybdenum and graphite lubricants and many others apart from the toxicological aspects. Ultra Slip should be applied by brush onto the chain at weekly intervals. Very often a chain that is lubricated with Ultra Slip will look dry - this is quite normal.



Milky White Fluid

Density @ 20°C

0.865 kg/lt

Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt)

220 cSt (typ)

Pour Point, °C


Flash Point °C


Fire Point


Electrical Properties


Extreme Pressure Properties

4 Ball Weld Load > 300 kg

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